Foot Resources, Info, and Books

Here you’ll find books, articles and links for the health of your feet!  Throughout your whole life, you’ve been misinformed on how to keep your feet healthy.  These foot resources will help you become an informed owner of healthy feet!

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Newborn FootprintsDr. Gangemi wrote this great article with concern to children and foot health. He goes into detail about children’s shoes and discusses how the public has been grossly misinformed by the American Podiatric Medical Association with concern to what kind of shoes your children should be wearing.

born to runI was lucky enough to read “Born To Run” when I started running back in 2011. It motivated me to run in minimalist shoes. Since I was already a beginner runner, I didn’t need to worry too much about slowly making the transition (I was already taking things pretty slowly back in the day).

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Harvard University Skeletal Bio Lab

If you’re interested in more of an in-depth look at the science behind running, check out the Harvard University Skeletal Biology Lab.  This great website provides evidence-based resources about the biomechanics of endurance running, and how the feet of ancient humans hit the ground before the invention of the modern running shoe.

BAD ShoesIf you’re looking for learning more about the history of high heals and an in-depth look into the psychology of wearing shoes that will inevitably deform your feet, this book won’t do you wrong. Just be sure to ignore some of the inaccuracies about flip-flop wearing and advice in support of using orthotics and shoe inserts.

FixFlatFeet.comThe website is a great find if you have flat feet, but even if you don’t, it was written by a Physical Therapist and packed with information about how shoes destroy your feet.  The author, goes to great lengths to provide easy to understand, and research-based information.  He has also documented his journey in treating his own flat feet.  It’s a real joy to read and a breath of fresh air.