Healthy Feet & You

The majority of shoes on earth are bad for your feet and they have been for millennia (according to a recent study, “Shod versus unshod: The emergence of forefoot pathology in modern humans“).   Take note of the orange dashed line in figure 1 – it surrounds the outsole of a men’s designer shoe.  The green dotted outline represents the shape of what a healthy foot looks like.

Mens Shoe
Figure 1


Shoe companies hire fashion designers that don’t know the first thing about basic anatomy of healthy human feet.  Like the rest of the working population, many of them believe they need ill-fitting shoes to get and keep their job.

The fact is, most shoes on the market continue to deform generations of feet, and no shoe company or designer is going to pay for your doctor bills.  It’s up to you to decide what your feet need.

Six-inch Prada heels and most Nike shoes are a better fit for your elbow than your foot.  There are so few options out there, but we can change that with our money!  Don’t buy into the modern practice of foot-binding.